In the year 2072 of the Nepali calendar (2015) the idea for Battiayo was born. This was the idea of working with traditional elements, like the historical handwoven Dhaka fabrics from Nepal, and integrating them into modern designed bags and/or other lifestyle products while giving back to the local communities.

Battiayo celebrates traditional skills and artisans. Our products are an homage to the art of crafting products by hand, therefore, all Battiayo products are designed and handcrafted in different parts of Nepal. We promote the slow fashion movement with our products and create a new appreciation for exquisite and unique handcrafted products.

You can find more information about our women powered team, our values, our story and how we produce under the following links:

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Crafts by Maya Universe

Crafts by Maya Universe is a women-led micro social enterprise based in Tanahun District. Dedicated mothers and relatives of students at Maya Universe Academy, from under privileged ethnic groups, going an extra mile to support the school, the continuation of the children’s education and also generate independent income for their household.

The team consists of 4 ladies who produce the gorgeous stone bracelets by hand. Using durable threads they weave the semi precious stones and crystals into a design brought to them by a young Korean artist.


Crafts by Maya Universe hand pick the stones and carve each one by hand. Some bracelet designs are adorned with a hand crafted silver ‘M’ representing ‘Maya’.

Maya means love in Nepali; love was the reason the school, Maya Universe Academy, started educating children from a tent and it was love that helped to grow and expand the school educating more children in various rural locations.

The love of the women in Crafts by Maya Universe continue to work in keeping the school sustainable and their families needs met.   

Gifting a Maya bracelet helps to further spread the love and supports the accessibility of quality education to children in rural Nepal. The bracelets are unisex and have been worn and appreciated by many all over the globe.


Tissah is a handmade, slow fashion-jewelry and accessories line. Tissah pieces are carefully and imperfectly created by the artisans who have the ancient tradition of Nepali craftsmanship in their hands and souls. Each element of each piece is strategically sourced from independent and self-sustaining entrepreneurs around the Kathmandu Valley. The manufacturing process is personal, customized, and thoughtful - slow fashion to the extreme. Starting with the artisan and ending with you, Tissah invites everyone in the process to treasure themselves through either creating or enjoying the handmade jewelry and accessories.

Janakpur Women’s Development Centre

Janakpur Women’s Development Centre (JWDC) was established to promote Mithila arts and crafts as well as to empower women economically and socially through income generating programs.


As a uniquely designed women’s training and cultural centre, JWDC was the first of its kind to promote and preserve the ancient art and culture of Janakpur, and is a pioneer in introducing the art of Nepali Maithili women to the national and international markets. The women come from neighboring villages to produce art and handicrafts, and also receive training in various skills such as arts and business development.

JWDC employees work in five different production sections: painting, papier-mâché, sewing, screen-printing and ceramics. The women come from different ethnic groups and produce different products.