We care about the impact we are having on our social and environmental surrounding. So, what does Battiayo do to minimize the environmental impact:

  1. Scrap fabric: we cut and use our fabrics in a way that we already make the most use out of it. Which often means that our production is a bit slower, but it helps us to avoid scrap fabric. The little scrap fabric we are having; we sort out by fabric and color and make smaller items out of it or use it for samples.
  2. Packaging: Our jewelry is packed in lokta paper boxes. Lokta is a non-wood forest product and the plant regrows in 5-7 years. We ask our customers at markets if they want to have packaging. Our shopping bags are made from recycled material.
  3. Printing: We do not have a printer, which forces us to give a 2nd thought if we need something printed out.
  4. Displays of our market stalls: The materials used are either biodegradable, recycled or recyclable.
  5. Products: We are working on an upcycled line which you should be able to see this year.

If you have any other input about what we could do, PLEASE let us know!!! We are keen on any ideas on how we can improve.