How We Produce

We work with our own small team, other women empowerment organisations, homebased workers, small cottage industries and co-operatives run by families and communities, and local artisans around Nepal to produce the Battiayo designs.  

We are sewing our bags with our team of incredible women in Kathmandu, Nepal. When we need to speed up our production, we get the help of homebased women and a small family-run enterprise.

Our stunning Dhaka fabrics are handwoven!  Dhaka fabric has a long and important history in Nepal and was mostly used for Dhaka Topis (traditional men’s hats). We mainly weave our dhaka with a women empowerment group which works with homebased workers and a small-scale women’s enterprise in the west of Nepal.

weaving of handwoven dhaka fabric  Person weaving on a traditional weaving chair Hands weaving traditional Nepali dhaka fabric

The buckles for our bags and bowties are all handcrafted by different artisans in Kathmandu. Each triad of buckles, handcrafted for each bow tie, is cut with a manual handsaw, polished with a little file, hammered flat, and then polished again. Our jewelry is done by women working from home along with talented artisans.

making brass buckles by hand women is producing a crochet bag handstitching of a bow tie

Our knitting and crochet products are produced by a Patan-based, women empowerment organization, which works with homebased artisans in the area.

soap production team

Our soaps are produced by a small social enterprise training centre outside of Kathmandu which works with local, smallholder farmers to cultivate organically- grown herbs used to create our natural and ethically-sourced plant-based skincare products.

We are working to present you each individual who we work with. We will, over time, continue adding these humans to our website.


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