What We Support


Battiayo is powered by powerful women.

Battiayo is a women empowerment project in the form of a social enterprise. Our core team is 100% women powered and we mainly work together with other women’s groups and organizations to support marginalized communities in Nepal to earn a living.

Battiayo adapts to the needs of the individuals.

In a lot of households in Nepal, the model of the women being responsible for all kinds of household chores and taking care of her parents-in-law at the same time is widely common. This has a huge impact on how much time and energy women can dedicate to paid work to become more independent. Therefore, we encourage various working models to make work more accessible and visible to fit into the lives for women.

Battiayo believes in collaboration over competition.

We give access through our website to other women’s groups to offer their products to customers abroad, helping them to overcome a big obstacle for a lot of handiwork production projects in Nepal. We provide this service free of charge, so all proceeds go directly to the respective women’s group. In addition, we help other individuals and groups to improve their processes and standards.

Battiayo creates its own Social Security System

A social security system with the possibility of unemployment money or other similar benefits does not exist in Nepal. In a situation like the current global pandemic there is no relief money coming from the state. Systems like the ‘Kurzarbeitsgeld’, in which 60% of the net salary of employees affected by the crises are covered by the German government, we can only dream of in Nepal. Instead, we have created our own social security system to be able to keep on supporting and paying our team even in crises situations. This idea was based on the situation we had after the earthquake in 2015. Since then, we have integrated in our price calculation the Social Security amount. So, when you buy a product, you help us in financing a security net for our network of talented artisans, which would not otherwise be provided by the state, like in a lot of other countries.

Battiayo gives the option to tip the team in Nepal

On our website, we have established the option to tip, creating additional earnings which go directly to the artisans and designers. Battiayo covers all costs, like taxes and transfer costs, so that the money you tip goes 100% to the people behind the scenes. At least once a year, we will publish how much tip money we have collected and let you know what our artisans and designers are planning to do with the extra money, or what they have already done with it.

Battiayo believes in education for change

We believe that education is a big driver of change. Therefore, we provide additional financial assistance for women in our network to be able to go back to school and finish their degree. We also support programs which work in children’s education.

Battiayo gives back

In addition to the permanent actions we are taking, we run and take part in additional special giving-back campaigns. In the last year, we have been running the campaign ‘Buy Now – Receive Later’, where we donated 80% of our profits to people directly and indirectly affected by the Covid-19 crisis in Nepal. We decided to donate the money for learning packages for kids from vulnerable communities, who already suffer from a huge gap of access to good education. The 'Buy 1- We Give' campaign just finished beginning of 2021. At the moment we are running the campaign ‘Battiayo & Sochai for a happy healthy future’ where will give 20% of our sales to Sochai for the 1000 golden days program. This is a grassroots educational program for pregnant and lactating mothers in Nepal to fight malnutrition. To learn more about how it works click here.