What has been done with the money raised through the 'Buy Now -Receive Later' campaign’?

First we want to thank everybody who has participated in the Buy Now – Receive Later Campaign from the 1st till 20th of July. We are more then happy to announce that we were able to raise a bit over 300 Euros, which we rounded up to 320 Euros. This corresponds to 44160 Rs, which we rounded up to 45000.

We decided to donate the money for learning packages for kids from vulnerable communities, which already suffer from a huge gap of access to good education. The schools have been closed for over 4 months by now and these kids do not have any access to online classes or home-schooling materials. There are learning packages for pre-primary, class 1, class 2 and class 3. The learning packages have been developed specifically after the lockdown to help with home-schooling. The packages include stationary items, books, and workbooks. The average price for a learning package is 5,84 Euros. Therefore, we were able to finance 55 learning packages.

The learning packages are given to kids in Kathyad, a rural municipality in Mugu. Maybe some of you have heard about Rara lake, which is in the Mugu district. In the Mugu district a need of learning packages for 8151 kids has been identified of which 1299 girls and 1147 boys are living in Kathyad.

If you are interested in funding additional learning packages please get in contact with us.

Thanks again for your support! You are wonderful!

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