How a bracelet helps to fight malnutrition

The nutribeads bracelet is an essential part of the Golden 1000 Days program, supported through our ‘Battiayo & Sochai for a happy healthy future’ campaign. The nutribeads bracelet, which you can see in the picture, is a social innovation of the Social Changemakers and Innovators (SOCHAI). It is a crucial tool to fight malnutrition in Nepal by raising awareness in communities.

nutribeads bracelet with Nepalese numbersnutribeads bracelet with roman numbers

With well-trained youth volunteers, the Golden 1000 Days program provides nutrition counseling to pregnant and lactating mothers who are visiting local health centers for the vaccination of their children. During these counseling sessions the nutribeads bracelet is used as an educational tool to create awareness of the nutritional requirements of a child during the first two years. As you may have seen, the nutribeads bracelet is colorful and has some beads with numbers. Each color represents the specific type of food that should be included into the child’s meal. The numbers show the age interval of the child. The meaning of the color and number system will be explained and discussed thoroughly with the mothers.  An amazing practical advantage is that the bracelet can be worn all times and helps as a constant reminder to secure healthy nutrition for the child. The nutribeads bracelet comes along with a Nutricard. The Nutricard gives the women all the information on food type and frequency and includes additional health messages that she can easily share at home with her family. The combination of the nutricard with the nurtibeads bracelet is an easy and practical solution. It is no wonder that the nutribeads bracelet has won an Innovation Price in the Asia Pacific Youth Innovation Challenge in 2016, organized by UNICEF in Malaysia.

We are more than happy to collaborate with Sochai for ‘Battiayo & Sochai for a happy healthy future’. We are donating 20% of our sales till April 12th 2021 to Sochai.

If you want to read more about the problem of malnutrition in Nepal and our collaboration with Sochai click here to read the blog post Battiayo & Sochai for a happy healthy future.

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