Good news - Battiayo is Good Market approved

Since April 2020, we are approved by Good Market. We are incredibly happy to be part of that community which drives change.

The Good Market community is based on the idea that we create the world in which we live. ​We affect the planet and its inhabitants, which include all form of living species, with all decision we make every day. This means we have a great opportunity to make better choices and to help create a better world.

Good Market is curated platform that supports and partners with social enterprises, responsible businesses, changemakers and other groups which share values like:

  • Prioritizing people and the planet in daily life and work
  • Supporting enterprises that have comment values
  • Finding creative ways to address social and environmental challenges

The selection of Good Market members is based on a curation process and a crowdsourced monitoring system that is transparent, inclusive, and works across economic sectors, income levels, language barriers, and regional divides. 

The platform is set up as a self-financing, not-for-profit social enterprise. Any surplus is reinvested to expand services for the Good Market community. As the platform doesn’t charge any obligatory basic fee to its members, it is especially inclusive for small players, which do not have the money to pay the certification fees and yearly membership which a lot of the well known Fair trade/ Good business certification do.  Good Market gives a chance for grassroots changemakers of all sorts to grow together.

Being part of this amazing community means that we commit to making different choices, we are changing the rules and creating our own economy that is good for people and good for the planet. We do not follow the ‘business as usual’ concept. We, as a community, choose people and planet over profit maximization. We allow each other to make mistakes and learn from it in order to grow and improve our standards on daily base.

If you are a changemaker, social enterprise, responsible business or if you are in any other form involved in creating a better world and want to be part of Good Market, have a look at their website and say please hi from us.

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