'Buy Now - Receive Later' -we donte 80% for relief operations in Nepal explained

80% of the profit of our ‘Buy now – Receive later’ products will be donated

Due to fact that Nepal has been under lockdown since 23rd of March, many are not able to earn any money and there is not a proper unemployment benefit system put in place to help the people. Others are struggling to get back home from India and are stuck at provincial borders with an insufficient amount of food, water, and other basic supplies. Efforts have started to cover the basic needs of these stranded Nepalis.

We will take 80% of our profit made by the products clearly marked as ‘Buy now – Receive later’ and will decide, week by week, where it is best spent to help people affected directly and indirectly by the effects of Covid-19. The advantage of being small and on the ground in Nepal is we can make fast decisions corresponding to the changing needs. We will be updating, each week on our blog and social media, how much money we were able to donate thanks to your purchases and how we have spent the money. We will be transparent! What we will not do is take pictures and post of people receiving essentials. We believe that people do not have to give up their dignity to receive help.